Thursday, October 24, 2019

Golden Age boss locations

Shown here are the general locations for the hydra and dragon bosses on Atlas.  These bosses drop a special key that allows players to obtain the power stones from the caves found at the golden age regions. This has been updated for season 4 Maelstrom patch.  For previous season 3 version - click here.

E5 NW Island Hydra Location
e5 hydra location
E5 SE Island Dragon Location
e5 dragon location

E6 Hydra Location
e6 hydra location

E7 Hydra Location
e7 hydra location

F5 Dragon Location
f5 dragon location

F7 Hydra Location
f7 hydra location

G5 Hydra Location
g5 hydra location

G6 Dragon Location
g6 dragon location

G7 Hydra Location
g7 hydra location

Additional Guides
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